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Davis Blank Furniss

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Achieving improved flexibility, efficiency and continuity for Manchester solicitors Davis Blank Furniss

Case Study

Key Success

A full migration from existing end-of-life systems to cost-effective, updated alternatives

Staged transition period to provide DBF employees with the requisite training on the completely new software

Platform supports the evolution of the modern legal environment, allowing for future growth

Resilient new system mitigated concerns surrounding data security

Boosted efficiency and enhanced business continuity through adaptable technology and electronic document management

IT system is constantly monitored to rectify any issues before they can impact the business


Manchester-based legal practice Davis Blank Furniss had become increasingly dependent on its IT systems as the business continued to grow. After relying on its previous IT support partner for almost a decade, the firm began to contemplate the future direction and strategy of their IT system, with a potential migration to a new platform a growing consideration.

Following a positive recommendation from another legal firm and a proven track record within the sector, DBF approached IT Lab to discuss the alternative options available to them. IT Lab proposed migrating to a completely new system which would work flexibly to Davis Blank Furniss’ needs.

The combination of the new platform and the ongoing managed service and support solution has enabled DBF to work more efficiently, with adaptable technology allowing employees to work from any device and location.

Davis Blank Furniss can now work more efficiently, with adaptable technology allowing employees to work from any device and location

“Switching to a new IT partner was an alien concept to us and we initially had some difficulty in finding a provider that would meet all of our needs. Our concerns over the changeover process had been a barrier, yet IT Lab guided us every step of the way. There was very little upheaval or downtime, something which our partners were particularly keen to avoid.”

Carole Burleigh, Partnership Secretary at Davis Blank Furniss

The Client

Davis Blank Furniss is a 60-strong, full-service legal firm based in Manchester, offering a broad range of professional legal services.

The firm works within an industry which relies upon the assurance of secure networks to protect sensitive data. They have an impressive client list including banks and professional institutes, and a prominent position on the CQS panel.

The Challenge

Carole Burleigh Partnership Secretary at Davis Blank Furniss

Carole Burleigh,Partnership Secretary at Davis Blank Furniss

Davis Blank Furniss’ previous supplier had worked with the legal firm for more than a decade. Both parties were satisfied with the ad hoc arrangement but the partnership was based around problem-solving as and when issues arose, rather than providing a system which could support future growth.

Much of their software was reaching end-of-life and its existing system was operating at maximum capacity. As its growth trajectory gained momentum, the firm realised it was more reliant on its IT platform than its existing supplier could facilitate. As such, Davis Blank Furniss sought out a strategic partner that could offer support and infrastructure better suited to its size and scale.

With high-profile clients and sensitive data stored, Davis Blank Furniss needed to find a partner with the expertise and knowledge of the legal sector. Furthermore, the usual concerns involved with switching IT support provider existed. This included familiarity with the current partner, the perceived cost of installing new infrastructure, and mitigating risk and loss of data throughout the migration process.

Davis Blank Furniss travelled the country in an effort to make an informed decision about an IT system that would provide a long-term and future-proof solution. The firm met with providers and other solicitors to gather much-needed research about the options available.

When this proved unsuccessful, the firm grew concerned that finding a provider and solution it was completely comfortable with would continue to be difficult. Following a strong recommendation from a fellow Manchester-based law firm, Davis Blank Furniss engaged with IT Lab to discuss the options available.

The Service

Confident in its ability to address the common hurdles facing Davis Blank Furniss, IT Lab met with all partners and presented a flexible solution that alleviated any of their concerns. IT Lab’s knowledge and expertise of the sector’s specific technology needs and its understanding of the change in step within the infrastructure of many modern legal firms, meant that it was able to proactively support the firm and identify a solution which would work as a business enabler.

Throughout the consultation process, both parties agreed that migrating to a new IT system would provide the most resilient platform for the business’ future growth. A formal project plan was created to guide Davis Blank Furniss through the changeover process, involving multiple meetings to address any apprehension over the migration.

The transition process was staged over several months, in order to provide employees with full visibility of the changeover and time to complete any necessary training on the new software.

To ensure Davis Blank Furniss had complete peace of mind, engineers were positioned at both of its offices during the changeover weekend and on the first day of ‘go-live.’ This provided invaluable support in the event of any mishaps.

Further to the delivery of a seamless migration and integration, IT Lab’s managed service and support offering introduced a proactive approach to business continuity and risk management. This was particularly important to the firm who had concerns around data security within the legal sector. In addition, the installation of Citrix provided the firm with complete flexibility, enabling all of its employees to work from any device at any location.

IT Lab Support

The Outcome

The combination of IT Lab’s platform and managed service and support solution has reinvented the way in which firm employees can work. Utilising technology that adapts to any device and electronic document management has boosted efficiency and enhanced business continuity. The end-of-life operating systems that were previously in use have been replaced with cost-effective, updated alternatives, enabling Davis Blank Furniss to continue its push for growth in the years ahead.

Perhaps the biggest advantage has been the peace of mind offered by IT Lab’s first-class support, with all stakeholders safe in the knowledge that their IT system is constantly monitored to rectify any issues before they impact the business in any way.

Shortly after the transition to the new system, DBF engaged with IT Lab once again to migrate its payroll system, as its existing solution had come up for renewal. IT Lab seamlessly migrated the payroll software, which meant that it was now DBF’s sole provider in terms of all of its IT and non-specialist legal software needs.

DBF’s strategic partnership with IT Lab has allowed the legal firm to pursue an IT infrastructure which supports the evolution of the modern legal environment, allowing room for the business’ future growth and mitigating the growing concerns within the sector surrounding data security.

Davis Blank Furniss’ strategic partnership with IT Lab has allowed the legal firm to pursue an IT infrastructure which supports the evolution of the modern legal environment


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