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Book Your Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Discovery Consultation Today

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers the latest, online and evergreen platform that offers a versatile set of features that tackles operational challenges by streamlining business processes to transform productivity and efficiency, including: 

  • Access anywhere – on any platform, desktop, tablet, mobile 

  •  Always updated – never upgrade again 

  • 20+ years of functionality in all areas of the business 

  • Tight integration with Office Apps (Outlook, Excel, Word) and other Microsoft platforms (SharePoint, Power Platform) 

  • Extendable – including "off the shelf apps” from AppSource 


Interested in understanding how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will help with your specific business needs? 

IT Lab would like to offer you a Discovery Consultation that will assess the complexity of your situation, examine the location of key users and understand the overall scope of your operational needs either through an online or face-to-face session. 

Our Discovery Consultation is designed to: 

  • Understand the challenges and dynamics in your industry including external challenges such as Brexit or new legislations 
  • Contextualise your business and strategic direction including strategic drives from Exec and Shareholders 
  • Review the existing solutions landscape and assess the suitability of Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • Address specific business needs and operational targets relating to your overall strategy 
  • Provide a better understanding of where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can streamline processes and improve efficiency 


IT Lab recognises that every organisation is unique, so all our Discovery Consultations are tailored to your specific business or department. 

The insight gained during the consultation session will shape the content of our demonstration and discussion that is then used to showcase how Dynamics 365 Business Central can address your business challenges.  

Revolutionise the way your business works and schedule a Discovery Consultation today.