The App Explosion: Staying in Control  

A frictionless user experience is a fundamental principle of an Adaptive Technology Model. It's a model designed for a new world; a world of cloud computing and an app economy.


chart old world - new world
Old World, New World

The explosion of cloud apps, and growing calls from users to work from any device, anytime and anywhere, poses fresh challenges for IT teams. Maintaining control and oversight, as well as managing information security, rank highly. The new world demands a future proofed approach.

Good usability and robust data protection are key facets of an Adaptive Technology Model. To prioritise one risks compromising the other. Duo Security is a respected IT Lab vendor and partner. Its Trusted Access and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions embrace both facets equally.

George Vasey, Duo’s MSP Partner Manager commented: “Duo believes in a ‘zero trust’ approach. The old world, where users went to the office and logged-on to an end point or device that was managed or centrally owned by IT was simpler.

“IT knew exactly who was accessing their resources and when, and that they were doing so on a secure device. Now we have people using their personal devices, we need to know they are who they claim to be and that the devices are secure with no vulnerabilities.”

Vasey continued: “In this new age of cloud computing, where a lot of software is delivered as a service and hosted in the cloud, users like the convenience of accessing apps at will, from any device. They will often choose to work remotely because it’s more productive. But it’s also convenient for cyber criminals, who will target user credentials and exploit known vulnerabilities in out of date devices to gain access to corporate assets and data.”

Vasey added: “When we’re talking about adaptive technologies, flexibility and mobile working, our solutions tie in to IT Lab’s model superbly well. With Trusted Access, we verify the identity of the user before granting access to an application. We also want to ensure the security health of the device is strong, which we also verify before granting access.”

Duo’s capabilities achieve this seamlessly, with minimal impact on the end user experience. Verifying identity is quick, and out of date devices are flagged, encouraging the user to update within a set time. If they fail to do so, the solution blocks access altogether.

All devices are catalogued on a dashboard, allowing IT personnel to manage access to both on-premise and cloud applications. This places the control back with the IT teams, as well as giving them insights and visibility across a range of key factors.


duo management dashboard
Duo Management Dashboard

Vasey concluded: “We’re seeing the adoption of SaaS applications across all sectors and all sizes of organisations, but they all face the same problem. A data leak is crippling for any business, so our solution is relevant to all.

"We're delighted to support the delivery of IT Lab’s Adaptive Technology Model, and look forward to assisting their customers on their journey towards it."

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Written by Christine Ellis