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Cybersecurity / 3 minute read

Stay Alert for Petya-like Ransomware

Further to the reports across multiple news outlets, the Petya-like variant of ransomware is spreading globally. 

Petya Ransomeware hard drive

In light of this, it's important to be on on high alert and aware of potential compromise. It's likely that the initial infections happen via unsolicited emails with malicious attachments.

If an email seems suspicious, even if it’s from a known contact, don't open attachments such as word documents and excel files. If anything about an email gives you cause for concern, contact the sender via a separately known and corroborated telephone number (don't use contact details that are suggested in the suspicious email).

If up to date, IT Lab supplied Anti-Virus products (Bitdefender, Symantec, McAfee & Kaspersky) will detect the virus. If you have any concerns please contact the service desk. We're continuing to investigate and monitor the situation as there are a number of possible routes through which the ransomware may be able to spread. Please read and share this advice, including the rules below relating to ransomware.

Read how to Protect Your Organisation from Ransomware and follow the rules:

Rule 1: Never click on a URL in an unsolicited email

Rule 2: Do not open attachments from unsolicited emails

Rule 3: If an email doesn't seem right, check the email address is genuine

Rule 4: If you don't recognise the file name or file type, don't open it

Rule 5: If you suspect ransomware, don't open it and report it

If you would like IT Lab to proactively monitor and protect your infrastructure please contact us.

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