IT Lab Group Incorporates Microsoft Managed Desktop Into Endpoint Management Service Offering

"By delivering a new way to think about device experiences and management, we’re helping customers rethink the role IT plays in their organization from reactive maintenance to strategic innovation, allowing them to refocus their IT talent and grow their business."

- Bill Karagounis, General Manager for Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) is an easy way to delight users and free up IT. This means three things: 

  1.  Providing the best experience for users
  2.  Using the latest technology 
  3.  Managed and backed by Microsoft

Let’s quickly drill into these three areas to better understand what’s included:

The best User Experience

The “best experience” means we’re providing modern desktop capabilities across Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. Users can hit the ground running thanks to Windows Autopilot, which configures all the necessary settings, policies, and security baselines. And it’s experienced on a modern device that meets Microsoft approved specs.

The Latest Technology

Where users always stay-up-to-date and evergreen with semi-annual feature updates and monthly quality updates delivered by the cloud.

Managed and Backed by Microsoft

“Backed by Microsoft” is where we manage IT services like device configuration, security monitoring, app deployment, update management, desktop analytics, and end-user IT support.

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Written by Matt White