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Modern Workplace, Business Insights / 3 minute read

Make it Happen: How to Drive Cultural Change in Your Workplace

The Modern Workplace: Fostering a New Culture at Work

In the first blog in our Modern Workplace series, The Modern Workplace Trends You Need to Know About, we listed the trends reshaping the world of work. Here, we help you adapt to these trends by evolving your workplace culture. 

Improving organisational performance and job satisfaction starts by addressing five essential questions. We set these questions out, together with food for thought and inspirational resources.

People on a boat driving cultural change

Question One: How do I Engage and Motivate my People?

Research by Gallup shows that disengaged employees cost the UK economy £52-70 billion a year. There are scores of articles demonstrating the correlation between unhappy staff and:

  • productivity
  • retention
  • absenteeism
  • sub-optimal customer experiences (and lower Net Promoter Scores)

Disengaged or disgruntled personnel can also compromise your security: The 3 Faces of Insider Threats.

Engaging and motivating your team needn’t be complicated. We all share a fundamental need to feel valued and heard. Take the temperature of your staff with surveys - Insights: How to create an employee engagement survey.

And these articles on motivation and engagement are packed with wisdom on how to create a modern workplace culture to optimise employee performance:

Question Two: What Would Boost my Team’s Creativity?

By automating low-level tasks and reducing inefficiencies, you’ll give your team a valuable gift: more time to be creative. Research by McKinsey illustrates how better communication and collaboration tools could raise productivity by up to 25%:


We’ll cover Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies later in this series. Meanwhile, here are actionable takeaways to help you improve your workplace culture. Some may challenge you!

Question Three: How do we Move from Data to Insights?

There's a massive shift towards information that's predictive. Many professionals, particularly finance teams, are trapped in an endless cycle of score-keeping. They'd relish the art of predictive analytics, but don't have the time. Explore these gems:

This is how Microsoft does it:

For our technical readers, here’s something else from Microsoft:

Modernising Your Workplace With Microsoft eBook download link

Question Four: How do I use AI to Make my People Work Better?

Artificial intelligence mimics how humans operate. If you’d like to learn more, this is a five-minute read in plain-English: Artificial Intelligence 101: Everything You Need to Know to Understand AI.

So, how can you deploy AI to help your people? Check these out:

Pop your details into our contact form if you’d like an informal chat with one of business performance consultants.

Read our in-depth guide on how Microsoft 365 technologies can transform your business into a modern workplace and help you tackle today’s digital challenges.

Question Five: How do I Create a Workplace Culture my People Love?

Making technology experiences simpler - and not frustrating your user-base - is a great place to begin. We begin covering the main Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions in this blog

Ensuring quality IT support is available when your people need it also goes a long way. If your users aren’t enjoying the support they deserve, check out our IT Support Services.  

Now for some brilliant right brain stuff we’ve handpicked for you:

We hope you enjoyed this second blog in our Modern Workplace series - hopefully it's given you some insight into how to promote a culture change in your workplace. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like our help with any of the areas touched on. 

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