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Cybersecurity / 3 minute read

Keeping a Constant Eye on What's  Important

A Continuous Approach to Risk Management

Good cyber risk management requires a continuous approach, but many organisations are blind to the risks and view it as an annual burden.

Glasses keeping an eye on whats important

As managers and business owners, we take care to protect our physical perimeters. We install security features such as CCTV and hire security guards. We guard our brand by recruiting marketing and PR professionals. However, when it comes to other valuable assets -  our data and the information our customers entrust us with - we're often much less proactive.

We either never properly consider the risks, or take a tick box approach, which might involve an annual penetration test. The resulting report and advice is duly passed to an over-stretched IT team or filed in the 'deal with later' folder.

The dangers of this can't be overemphasised, but it remains the norm within many companies. Engaging cyber security specialists to conduct a penetration test is of course a wise step, but it's often perceived by the very people who should be taking an interest as yet another stress on their workload. This means the security vulnerabilities that could and should be addressed are delayed. Worse still, they're left in the hope they'll go away or that someone else will sort.

And What About The Rest of The Year?

What about the new exploits developed by cyber criminals every day? What about the changes to your organisation's infrastructure since the last penetration test, which may have had a radical impact on your security posture?

With the ever-increasing number of companies falling victim to hackers, a round-the-clock, proactive approach is necessary to minimise the risks to your systems and data. But if once a year is a challenge, how can this be achieved? IT Lab's Managed Assurance Service will help you to take control of the current risks and alert you to the emerging ones. Rather than an avalanche of jobs at once, it will relay the intelligence, tools and advice and equip you to control the threats in a manageable way.

Managed Assurance includes regular vulnerability scanning, IT health checks, and Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. It provides meaningful, actionable reports to improve the security of your data. Managed Assurance will give your company a clear-eyed view of the risks specific to you, the ability to track your progress over time, and, above all, afford peace of mind and increase the confidence of your stakeholders.

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*Neil Gibb was employed by the IT Lab group at the time of writing.

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