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Cybersecurity / 1 minute read

Cyber Crime: Six Expert Videos on the Business Impact

Advice from InfoSec Pros, an Organised Crime Unit, the Insurance Sector and Academia    

Cyber crime writing in Background

The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) and IT Lab held an event recently to advise business leaders on the real-world threats they face. 

Cybersecurity specialists from IT Lab, the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, the insurance sector and academia came together to share insights and advice. Here, you can watch six compelling presentations from the day and learn how to better protect your business. 

Staying Safe and Not Breaking the Bank

Naveen Kaushik - Cyber Manager at IT Lab

Naveen shows how cybersecurity threats are affecting businesses and the costs associated with cyber-attacks.   

You can watch his 8-minute presentation below:

Naveen Kaushik


Real Life Examples of Security Breaches

Laura Hodgson - Cyber Protect Officer at the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

Laura from the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit shares examples of cybercrime her unit investigated recently.

You can watch her 25-minute presentation below:

Laura Hodgson - Real Examples of Security Breaches


The Evolution of Cyber Insurance

Ian Muldowney - Professional and Financial Risks Expert at Bollington Insurance Brokers

Ian from Bollington Insurance Brokers explains how insurers have evolved their services to address the cyber-crime landscape. He also advises on the steps insurers take to assess risk and what businesses can do to find the right type of policy for their needs.

You can watch his 6-minute presentation below:

Ian-Muldowny-GMCC Cyber Event


You’ve Been Hacked – Now What?

Oliver Batey - Development Underwriter at Hiscox

Oliver from Hiscox talks about the trends he's observing with cyber insurance claims, and the growing costs associated with ransomware demands and post-breach repair costs. 

You can watch his 17-minute presentation below:

Oliver-Batey-GMCC Cyber Event


The state of Cyber Security

Madeleine Overton-Thickett - Senior GRC Security Consultant at IT Lab

Following The State of Cyber Security Survey in Greater Manchester, run in conjunction with the GMCC and IT Lab, Madeleine runs through the highlights and findings of this far-reaching survey. 

You can watch her 9-minute presentation below:

Madelina-Overton-Thickett-GMCC Cyber Event


The Future of Cybersecurity and New Business Threats

Keith Miller - Academic Director at Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry

Keith Miller from Manchester Metropolitian University's Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry sets out the cyber threats in 2019 and beyond. He also advises on the support available to SMEs in the county. 

You can watch his 17-minute presentation below:



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