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Better Systems Mean a Happier Workforce

The happiness of your employees can have a significant effect on the overall success of a business. It's simple: happy employees are more creative, efficient and productive at work. As a business owner or an organisation, where do you think your employees stand?

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It's fair to say that life gets busy. We work hard during the week and spend our time off on hobbies and activities with loved ones, so getting personal time to reflect is rare. But January is one of those rare times for new resolutions and new beginnings. Maybe you're planning your next holiday or intending to learn a new skill. Perhaps even asking yourself if you're happy with where you are and what you do. Either way, the time for reflection is here.

As a business owner or an organisation, where do you think your employees stand? Are they satisfied with their jobs? Are they telling their friends and families about the many great things at work? Perhaps even talking about the new systems in place. Or could they be on the complete opposite end and are dreading to get back to work. If so, how many of them are frustrated with the lack of efficiency posed by outdated technologies?


Truth is, Using Outdated Technology is Costing You More Than You Think

Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that failing to adapt puts your business at a disadvantage. Thanks to the availabilities of the latest tech, all users have come to expect seamless user experience when they interact with technologies. So, when your systems fail to provide what today's smartphones can do, it's clear that it's no longer facilitating but inhibiting your business needs.

Let's put it into a scenario:

Say your business is using Office 365, the latest Modern Desktop from Microsoft, and it's improving job expectations at work. Employees are enjoying the use of Teams, Outlook is working, and everything they need is on OneDrive. But then they have to go back to using an old accounts system and maybe even an older version of Excel. The daily disruption to their workflow adds up and so the true cost of using outdated tech in today’s hyperactive world is significant in the long run.


Legacy ERP Harms Business

Employees are a business's most significant expense month-on-month. Not providing them with the correct tools will be detrimental to the smooth-running and success of your business. Using ageing or a legacy ERP harms and misaligns the needs of the company. The bottom line is that the damage is real and owning a legacy ERP system is not enough to maintain competitiveness in the industry.

While it's true that enterprise solutions can be a challenging and expensive investment, adapting to change and providing a user experience that aligns with your brand and service is crucial to stay ahead – that's where Microsoft Dynamics solutions come in.


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What’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

As one of the most widely used business solution, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central keeps your frontend and backend running harmoniously by analysing processes and ensuring a smooth implementation of applications.

This powerful cloud ERP provides a seamless use and integration of applications across platforms without the need to sign in via Citrix or RDS. Dynamics 365 offers:

  • real-time updates and support
  • mass data editing or reporting
  • sleek inventory management system
  • centralised and dynamic working environment
  • speedy implementation and deployment
  • and AI-powered features

The best part is that Dynamics 365 utilises existing applications like Outlook and Excel, which means that your employees can quickly begin to add much more value to the business with ease. For the full functionalities provided by the software, view our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central page.

With Dynamics 365, you and your business can rest assured that your ERP will improve and support business innovation with new capabilities. And perhaps then, you’ll be confident that every rare occasion for reflection will be a positive one.

Provide your team with the right tools and change the way you work - get in touch with one of IT Lab’s specialist ERP consultants today.

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