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GDPR - "This is just an IT / compliance thing, right?"

5th June 2017
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018.
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Ditch Your Spreadsheets With ERP

26th May 2017
Picture, if you will, a typical scene. A senior manager is waiting impatiently for vital ...
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The evolution of ERP, part II: how technology reached the boardroom

23rd February 2017
The application market has evolved more over the last 12 months than it has over the last 15-20 ...
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How Microsoft Dynamics GP is Helping  Sports Stadia Finance Teams

5th January 2017
Over recent years, the role of finance teams within sports stadia has evolved exponentially.
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12 Christmas Cyber Scams to look out for this year

19th December 2016
Throughout the festive season keen Christmas shoppers will spend millions online. Forecasters ...
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The evolution of ERP: the new era of applications

13th October 2016
In recent years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as we know it has evolved almost beyond ...
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Protect Your Organisation from Ransomware

5th August 2016
What would you do if you couldn't access all your business data tomorrow? Ransomware can put all ...
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5 Reasons Why Big Data is Not Just for Big Corps

4th April 2016
Everyone is talking about big data and how it can be used to transform businesses, but there’s a ...
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The Changing Risks to Businesses Today

30th March 2016
With the frequency and severity of high-profile hacks over recent years, it’s now more important ...
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How to Stay Safe From Cyber-Scams This Christmas

30th November 2015
As the festive season approaches, the majority of us will be completing that last-minute Christmas ...
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