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Christine Ellis

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Getting the Most from Microsoft 365: What You Need to Know

16th January 2019
Your Quick Guide to Technologies for the Modern Workplace Welcome to the third in our Modern ...
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Make it Happen: How to Drive Cultural Success

11th January 2019
The Modern Workplace: Fostering a New Culture of Work In the first blog of this series, Why Your ...
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Why Your Success Depends on the Modern Workplace

10th January 2019
Embrace it or Delay it: You Can’t Escape it Welcome to the first in our blog series on the Modern ...
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Charities and the Digital Age

29th May 2018
Beyond Survival: Adapting to Thrive   “I've always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains ...
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How to Choose a Penetration Test Provider Wisely

5th March 2018
How to be certain you're signing up for a Porsche and not a Lada 
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The Compelling Case for a Penetration Test

2nd March 2018
How Safe is Your Business from Hackers?
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Building an Effective Hybrid Cloud Environment with Microsoft Azure

26th January 2018
Interview with Microsoft: Using IT Strategically IT Lab’s partner Microsoft shares how - by using ...
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What is Identity and Access Management?

12th January 2018
Security and Simplification Identity and Access Management (IAM) delivers two desirable benefits: ...
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How to Reduce Your Cyber Risks

7th November 2017
Cyber Security and Resilience   Secure by Design is one of the pillars of an Adaptive Technology ...
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How to Tame Your Data for Reporting Freedom

26th October 2017
Data Integration Tips for Enterprise Applications  Are you wrestling with data? Is reporting a ...
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