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How to Help Your Promising New IT Project Succeed

8th November 2018
The Top 5 Blockers to Implementing Your IT Strategy Implementing an IT strategy is a huge deal. On ...
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6 Reasons you can’t miss ITSB18

31st October 2018
Hosted at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, the IT Strategy Briefing (ITSB18) is an ...
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Five Ways Your IT Team Could be Stifling Innovation

9th October 2018
What's Innovation Anyway? & is your IT team a Barrier? Innovation. It’s a word that’s often ...
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How Transforming Technology Improves Shareholder Value

6th September 2018
The Changing IT Landscape  We’re at a point where technology is evolving and adapting faster than ...
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Why is Penetration Testing Crucial to the Financial Services Industry?

31st August 2018
Winds of Change in the Finance Sector In the last 24 months alone, the UK’s financial sector has ...
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Is Red Team Testing More Effective Than Penetration Testing?

31st August 2018
To answer this question, let’s begin by acknowledging the similarity between the two. Both tests ...
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How is IT Lab Making a Difference to the Charity Sector?

22nd June 2018
Technology for NFPs - an Expensive Luxury or Essential Enabler? Across the charity sector, many ...
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With High-Staff Turnovers, how can Recruitment Companies Protect their Data?

8th June 2018
Safeguarding Commercially Sensitive Information  Client and candidate data count among the ...
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Charities and the Digital Age

29th May 2018
Beyond Survival: Adapting to Thrive   “I've always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains ...
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The Roles of Red, Blue and Purple Teams

24th April 2018
Attack, Defence and Facilitation Join SOC Analyst Amy Hargreaves and Security Consultant James ...
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