Our Navigate, Integrate and Operate approach to services was designed to support our clients through all key stages of technology adoption.



You are in the technology business.
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Revolution as opportunity

We are in the midst of a revolution. Technology is rapidly changing the way businesses are structured, the way services are delivered and the way we share data, intelligence and insights. Technology is changing what it means to be in business, and what it means to be a human being at work.

All organisations are implicated by this revolution. Those that grasp the opportunities that accompany it will outperform those that do not. IT Lab exists to partner with customers grappling with such challenges.

We help organisations navigate technological choices, measured against practical organisational business objectives and ensure that their people have the technology (and the support) that they need to deliver.

Our aim is simple: to ensure that our customers have the knowledge and tools with which to drive efficiency and performance of their organisation and their people.

Take the journey with us.



Jason, Support Services


Consultancy & Change

We help our clients to navigate the possibilities and opportunities the world of technology offers. First, our team will spend time understanding your organisation and its objectives, challenges and needs.

We then look at the processes that are used to deliver and data needed to succeed – and at the technology that underpins what you do. Our people then spend time with your people. We make sure that we understand how they work and how they use technology.

With all this information in place, we assess ways to help you organisation to perform better.

We look ahead, building in flexibility.
We look at restraints and how to remove them.
We look to help you transform.
We look at costs and benefits.
We look for efficiency improvements.

Beyond this, we might consider new processes and opportunities for larger scale transformation – if appropriate. Together, we navigate the options that are available and how to evolve a plan from a place of understanding and opportunity to one of delivery.

Mark, Support Services

Mark, Support Services

Adaptive Technology Model  Guide Model
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A Technology Infrastructure That Will Never Let Your Business Down

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Implementation & Change

For clients who engage us to deliver infrastructure solutions, our aim is to create an environment that seamlessly integrates systems, services and applications into a cohesive user experience. Typically, we look at what you have already, and at whether it can be retained or repurposed.

We consider your hardware and software options as, increasingly, there are strong arguments for owning less in order to access more. Where necessary, we integrate new applications, infrastructure and systems., taking full responsibility for the delivery of a solution that meets your organisation’s objectives.

As organisations avail themselves of Software-as-a Service (SaaS) and cloud-hosted solutions, often in very disparate places, successful implementation depends upon:

Service integration: ensuring that all your services and systems are managed and delivered as one cohesive solution.

Presentation integration: allowing users to access what they need, simply, securely and without fuss.

Business integration: ensuring that your core business systems and data sources are seamlessly interlinked.


Manoj, Support Services


Management & Support

A brilliant technology strategy, sitting on state-of-the-art infrastructure, bristling with best-in-class applications is of no value if it is not properly supported – and used by people who themselves are well supported.

In the end, in most organisations, performance is still all about the user. This may seem like an extreme statement, but at IT Lab we not only believe it, it’s one of our founding principles and the reason why listening to users, is key to our approach.

We can support users in three main ways:

Individual or modular services tailored to your exact requirements to create a complete outsourced IT department or individual technology service. Optional solutions involving ring-fenced call management and resolution teams providing a cost effective shared-service model or wholly dedicated service desks able to provide 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd line support as required. A full range of services and support for clients with more limited support requirements, ideally suited for those looking to minimise or fix their monthly IT support costs, while not compromising on service quality.


End-to-end managed technology solutions