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Cloudlab Backup-as-a-Service

Because Your Data is Your Business

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"Rapid backup and restoration of your files and services across your entire IT infrastructure"


Cloudlab's IaaS includes a comprehensive backup and long-term data archival service. Our round-the-clock team will quickly and simply restore your data. Cloudlab's Backup-as-a-Service offers customisation of your data back-up frequency, retention and archiving. 

Cloudlab BaaS is a fully air gapped solution, especially when combined with tape media. In the event malware encrypts your files - such as crypto-ransomware - your data remains protected

 our Trusted Backup and Archival Strategy is Your strategy 

We apply our own recommendations for backup and archival, which include technology, scheduling and retention.

Cloudlab's BaaS delivers rapid backup and restoration of your files and services on Cloudlab, including (as applicable) all physical and virtual servers and storage devices. 

As a Cloudlab client, you'll benefit from mandatory snapshot backup and replication. For an extra fee, add long-term archival of snapshots to backup to disk (B2D), tapes, or both, which are held by an offsite storage partner. 


 Backup & Archival Strategy


Primary Datacentre

Secondary Datacentre

Retained for

Hourly snapshots to disk

Hourly snapshots to disk

4 hours

Twice daily snapshots to disk

Twice daily snapshots to disk

12 hours

Daily snapshots to disk

Daily snapshots to disk

7 days

Weekly snapshots to disk

Weekly snapshots to disk

4 weeks


Monthly snapshots to B2D*

12 months


Bespoke schedule to LTO7*



Optional Long Term Archival of Tapes to Offsite Storage Partner
* Additional fees apply



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