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    "IT Lab are always there when we need them and they triple the effort in times of crisis."Kirsty Tikerpae, Office Manager, Inflexion Private Equity Parters LLP.

Data & Network Support Services

Business critical connectivity with a comprehensive range of market leading network services backed by support from our expert team.

Overview ADSL

High performance, fully supported ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ broadband solutions for your business.


Super fast SDSL business broadband at a reasonable cost for businesses with demanding internet needs.


Resilient, scalable connectivity for businesses that need the highest performance from their connection.


Delivering cost effective, uncontended high capacity connectivity using the latest copper based technology.

Business Mobile Broadband

Fast internet access on the move with our business mobile broadband.

Point To Point

Drive efficiencies and cut costs with our dedicated point to point connectivity solutions.

Leased Line

Dedicated, super fast and reliable high capacity connectivity for the most demanding businesses.


State of the art private network solution delivering major advantages over traditional VPNs.

Business Wimax

Fast and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity for your business.


Our fast and reliable ADSL 2 business broadband offer connections of up to 20 Mb/s with intelligent speed and traffic prioritisation to ensure optimised performance and connection quality.

ADSL 2 business broadband provides an affordable but dependable data traffic solution with low contention ratios. High upload speeds mean ADSL 2 can support multiple VoIP calls simultaneously in addition to home-worker and remote office services. We provide fully managed business ADSL 2 solutions with aggregate multiple lines and additional technologies such SDSL should you require them.


Ideal for small businesses and home users who want to benefit from the stability, capacity and speed of a reliable broadband connection.

Jon Orme, Procurement Manager.


Say goodbye to frustrating peak time slow-downs and unreliable connections with our super reliable SDSL broadband. SDSL is ideal for businesses looking for high performance, reliability and resilience at a fraction of the cost of a leased line service. Symmetrical bandwidth with fast upload and download speeds, 1:1 contention ratios and reduced latency make SDSL the perfect solution for businesses with high volumes of large file traffic, or those using thin-client applications, VPN solutions or relying on VoIP and video conferencing. Ideal for companies with demanding internet needs, our SDSL business broadband provides high quality connectivity and market leading performance at a low cost.


Etherstream offers a high quality, low cost alternative to traditional leased line circuits and DSL. Based on bonded copper pairs and Local Loop Unbundling, etherstream provides asymmetric, uncontended (1:1 ratio) bandwidths with up to 60Mbps download speeds. Super reliable, our etherstream service operates over 8 separate lines, so if one or more lines fail there isn’t a failure of your entire service. The service is monitored 24/7 to ensure a reliable backbone internet connection with world class 99.9% uptime. Provisioned in the core network to give immediate access to 1,200 UK exchanges, etherstream can be installed within 30 days and offers complete control of the end-to-end connection, ensuring rapid resolution of technical issues.

I depend on my communications, so it’s great that I have a provider that I can rely on 100%.

Paul Skelton, Space Organisation.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) uses the latest advances in copper technology to deliver reliable, guaranteed connectivity at a reasonable cost. EFM utilises existing copper based infrastructure to deliver high download speeds coupled with an exceptionally high upload capability of up to 20 Mbs, making it a cost effective alternative to leased lines. EFM is distance dependant but we can provide availability at a large number of exchanges. Uniquely for a copper based service, we will provide a guaranteed minimum connection speed prior to your order, eliminating the uncertainty commonly associated with copper based services.

Business Mobile Broadband

Our business mobile broadband is perfect for sending emails, remotely accessing files, or browsing the internet when you’re out of the office, with connection speeds of up to 7 Mbs along with static IP addresses and full 1,500 MTU. Business mobile broadband can be integrated into a Private Wide Area Network or can provide business continuity in the event of a fixed line fault with seamless failover and a constant IP.

The compact USB dongles are designed to be easily carried and can be used anywhere without hassle. So no matter where you are – at work, on the train or on in the airport – you’re always connected with our business mobile broadband.

Business Wimax

Business Wimax provides fast and secure point-to-multiple-point networking using the latest wireless technology to provide robust, symmetrical connections up to 10Mbps. Get the advantages of a leased line service at a fraction of the cost and with minimal installation. Business Wimax can transmit data up to 5 km making it particularly suitable for multi-site businesses in urban areas. With no reliance on traditional infrastructure, Business Wimax is highly resilient and can provide a backup service for DSL connections. Continual monitoring and scaling of the service provision ensures high quality connectivity, which is guaranteed by our robust SLAs.


Our Wimax service is personal, local and committed. We’re here to guarantee you a constant high-speed connection.

Jon Orme, Procurement Manager.


Our point to point solutions are aimed at corporate clients looking to link sites and share voice, video, email and business applications between offices, helping drive cost efficiencies and improve efficiency. Point to point ethernet offers unrivalled data transfer rates of up to 1,000Mbs in point to point, or point to multi-point scenarios. Data traffic is handled efficiently with prioritisation rules applied in the event of network congestion.

Point to point is cost effective and flexible, allowing you to specify how much bandwidth you require between sites and expand provisions to meet growing demand without service interruption. Point to point also offers unrivalled levels of security and reliability for businesses that cannot afford down time, with 99.8% availability guaranteed by our SLAs.


MPLS (Multi Protocol Labelled Switching) provides the ultimate networking solution with secure, private connectivity across a single infrastructure between multiple sites. MPLS is flexible and scaleable with network access via a combination of point to point ethernet, Leased Line or broadband connections. MPLS makes use of cutting edge packet labelling technology to maximise the efficiency of data routing. Every device on the MPLS network, and within the ISPs MPLS cloud, reads the MPLS headers attached to each data packet allowing complete control over data traffic. Data takes the shortest route between sites, rather than via a central hub, reducing bottlenecks. Bespoke add-on services to MPLS networks include firewalls, internet access, SIP Trunk voice breakout, as well as connections to hosted applications and servers.

Leased Line

Our leased line solutions provide dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity that can support busy networks, web servers, large data transfers and multimedia applications. A leased line gives you a guaranteed and secure point-to-point connection between sites or directly from your LAN to our internet backbone. Leased lines provide high-capacity internet connectivity through our resilient network, all covered by industry leading service guarantees. We operate hardware redundancy and have multiple high capacity links to Tier 1 carriers to ensure fast access times. Our network operations are housed in secure datacentres, providing unrivalled protection from power failure, transit failure, theft or flooding.

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