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    "IT Lab provides us with a complete service, enabling us to deliver a premium service across all events & operations."Vicky Sawyer, Business Services Manager, Somerset House.

IT Migration Solutions

Flexible, bespoke migration solutions for your business delivered by our expert team.

Migrating data, software or entire systems is a time consuming, complex and potentially problematic process which must be planned carefully and managed professionally to ensure the minimum disruption to your business.

We provide flexible, individually tailored migration solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our consultants and technicians have huge experience of successfully implementing migration solutions, allowing them to plan, prepare and execute your migration with minimum disruption, risk and expense.

Our experts can also support your IT team, working hand in hand with them to simplify and accelerate the migration and subsequent consolidation process. For extended and complex migration solutions we can organise for the coexistence of parallel systems ensuring minimal disruption and business continuity.