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    "IT Lab provides us with a complete service, enabling us to deliver a premium service across all events & operations."Vicky Sawyer, Business Services Manager, Somerset House.

Managed Security

Get protected! Managed security services delivered on a flexible, cost effective basis by our expert security team.

In a Nutshell Overview

Our managed security services match the very latest technology with industry best practice and expert management to guard your IT infrastructure and critical data against security threats and malicious attacks. The managed security services can be provided on a stand-alone basis or seamlessly incorporated into one of our other service offerings. As part of our managed security services offering our experienced and certified security team will handle full cycle management of your security systems, or work alongside your own security team, consulting and helping wherever required.

Service Elements Virtual CSO

Enjoy the benefits of having an expert Chief Security Officer managing your network security, without the full time employment costs.

Managed Firewall

Improve system security and reduce costs with our full cycle managed firewall service.

Managed IDS/IPS

Beef up your system security with our industry leading, fully managed IDS/IPS solutions.

Strong AuthenticationA secure, easy to use and cost effective enterprise level authentication system.

Penetration Testing

Our Host IPS solution protects vital system infrastructure from encrypted attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning

On demand vulnerability scanning with market leading technology from QualysGuard®.

Log Management

Identify and thwart malicious activity with our comprehensive log management service.

Virtual CSO

Enjoy the benefits of having a highly experienced Chief Security Officer overseeing your network security at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee. Fully conversant in the latest security technology and global threats, a vCSO will become a key member of your IT team working closely with you to develop and implement a comprehensive security policy. Your vCSO will help introduce the latest security devices and techniques, incorporating industry best practice and compliance. A vCSO will oversee daily security tasks such as threat monitoring, firewall management, vulnerability testing and incident response, providing the ultimate escalation level for all security issues.

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Managed Firewall


Simply deploying a firewall is not enough to ensure network safety. Expert firewall management is essential to prevent unauthorised access and costly security breaches. But firewall management is a labour intensive and complex task, which requires a high level of expertise. Alleviate the administrative burden and costs of firewall administration with our full cycle managed firewall solution. We will ensure that your firewall is designed according to industry best practice and compliance considerations. We will install hardware and software elements and have them correctly configured. Through on-going management we will optimise your firewall and respond rapidly to any threats.

Managed IDS/IPS


Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) are an essential network security component, monitoring network traffic and identifying malicious intrusions, ideally before they gain access to your system, and logging information about and blocking any malicious activity. Our highly experienced security team will handle full cycle management of your IDS/IPS, or work alongside your own security staff, consulting and advising when required. Our managed IDS/IPS includes site review planning and system implementation; proactive administration, signature tuning and maintenance; real-time threat prevention and 24/7 security event management; on-demand security and compliance reporting and expert support and consultancy.

Strong Authentication


Our Cloud based solution provides an enterprise grade strong authentication system based on the latest smart token and tokenless virtual authentication methods. Simple to use and cost effective, our strong authentication system protects networks, applications and Cloud based infrastructure and includes the configuration and testing of authentication endpoint; incident response for lost or compromised tokens and on demand reporting. The system incorporates best in class security features, including the latest passcode encryption technology, with a fully redundant server architecture and a 99.999% availability SLA as standard.

Penetration Testing


Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (Host IPS) help protect system infrastructure from encrypted attacks that have penetrated perimeter defences. Host IDS devices decrypt and inspect encrypted data traffic before it reaches its destination, preventing malicious attacks from damaging crucial infrastructure.
 Our managed Host IPS solutions include review planning and Host IPS implementation; proactive administration, signature tuning and maintenance; real-time threat prevention and 24/7 event management. We will also provide expert support and consultancy.

Vulnerability Scanning


New application, network and database vulnerabilities emerge every day. These weaknesses can be exploited by attackers, so to protect your IT infrastructure and safeguard sensitive data it is essential to find and fix them rapidly. Our Vulnerability Scanning service utilises market leading scanning technology from QualysGuard® to scan your network devices, servers, applications and databases. Provided as an on demand service, our world class vulnerability scanning solution requires no hardware, software or maintenance. With a zero administration and maintenance burden, you can focus on protecting your assets and reducing business risk.

Log Management


Every security appliance, server and endpoint device across your IT infrastructure continually generates extensive logs. These raw logs need to be monitored continuously, analysed and correlated in order to identify events of real security concern. This requires dedicated, skilled resources around the clock. Our log management service monitors and analyses logs and alerts across your system 24/7, identifying anomalies and internal and external threats. Our security experts investigate and respond immediately to any malicious activity, helping thwart attacks before damage can be done.

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