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    “Operational efficiency and reduced risk of IT failure - we really value our relationship with IT Lab”Nigel Lingwood, Group Finance Director, Diploma PLC.

Database Solutions

It’s a simple proposition – save time and money for your business by improving data management.

In a Nutshell Overview

Managing and using data effectively can make or break a business. We specialise in the design and implementation of database solutions that will integrate and streamline data management and processes within your business. Whether it’s a new bespoke database, customising a third party database solution or consolidating and updating your existing database system, our team of expert consultants and programmers will help you use the latest technology to improve data management, unlocking efficiencies that will save you valuable time and money.

Service Elements Database Design

Bespoke database solutions created for your business using best of class technology and applying industry best practice.

Database Consolidation

Improve data handling and business efficiency by consolidating and streamlining your existing databases.

On-going Support

Committed to your success, we provide flexible, on-going support for your database solutions.


Helping you align information management with your business needs.

CRM & ERP Systems

Individually tailoring market leading data management software to your business needs.



Database Design


Our expert team design and build database solutions according to your exact business requirements. A well designed database has the power to revolutionise your business by reducing the time required for data inputting and improving data quality by reducing mistakes. It can also organise and present data more effectively, both on and offline, making essential information more accessible for decision makers and users. Our expert team will analyse your business processes and data requirements, before creating a bespoke, scaleable database solution incorporating best of class technologies and the latest best practice.

Database Consolidation


Consolidating insecure, unreliable and difficult to manage legacy databases can unlock significant benefits by improving data accessibility, streamlining data handling and cleaning data sets. Our expert team can consolidate databases held on diverse platforms and applications into a single, well organised and easy-to-use database. Existing databases may not be compliant with the latest regulations or could present a security risk. By implementing the latest technology and best practice your new consolidated database will be more secure, resilient and compliant.

On-going Support


Once your database is complete we remain engaged and fully committed to helping you integrate and operate it successfully. We provide clients with a pre-agreed allocation of support and additional development time at a specially discounted rate. This time can be used for any support issues, additional development, code audits, re-writes, analysis or consultancy services required. Clients also have access to real 24/7 helpdesk support through one of our IT support packages.



With your business requirements in mind, our experienced consultants will audit your existing databases and information management systems before providing expert advice on how to improve the efficiency of data management, saving you time and money. We can also provide specialist advice on improving database security, regulatory compliance and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.

CRM & ERP Systems


Every business is unique and no off-the-shelf data management system will be completely right for your business. But properly adapted and integrated into your business processes powerful CRM and ERP systems can revolutionise the way you do business, improving business efficiency and manageability and boosting company profits. We are partnered with the world’s leading software providers, allowing us to develop and tailor off-the-shelf CRM and ERP programs to fit your business, delivering fantastic results.

You need to know what is achievable, how much it will cost and when it can be delivered. We’ll put this in plain English. Karl Binder, Consultant, IT Lab

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