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    "The mobile internet explosion gives more power than ever before to revolutionise any business."Karl Binder, Associate Director, Codelab.

Applications, Databases & CRM


Automate and Empower

Code Lab provides experienced full spectrum business application solutions covering analysis, development, deployment, support and more. With more than 700 deployments over the last eight years, the chances are we’ve seen and solved your challenge before.

We've built a reputation

“You guys are awesome. If this is how you operate all the time, it’s no wonder you have the workload you do! Good business practice here, folks.”

“I’m impressed how Code Lab took time to understand our processes. They proposed solutions we hadn’t considered, didn’t just do as we suggested like developers in the past.”

The latest technology and best-of-breed expertise to deliver the right solution.


With over a decades experience in designing, creating and supporting information systems and database solutions we can provide the services that your business applications require.

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Having delivered over 700 deployments in the last decade and having worked on a myriad of platforms, languages and software – we’ve got the expertise to assist and and advise you.

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Quality information systems and efficient processes are critical to every business, making use of the latest CRM and ERP systems can lead to significant improvements and results.

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