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    “Operational efficiency and reduced risk of IT failure - we really value our relationship with IT Lab”Nigel Lingwood, Group Finance Director, Diploma PLC.

Cloud Consultancy

We help you to understand the opportunities in cloud and how to take advantage of them.

In a Nutshell


Cloud computing has already become a matter of fact for the vast majority of businesses – and even more consumers. The drift of data and complexity from on-premise or dedicated physical servers and local client applications to the cloud started some time ago, is growing in momentum, and to the team at Cloud Lab, feels like it will inevitably consume all but the most specific of IT needs over the next 3 to 4 years. Building your IT infrastructure in the cloud is a very different animal to building a traditional network, concerns about physical equipment become concerns about SLAs with a forest of suppliers on whom you depend, concerns about service availability become concerns about connectivity availability.




Harness the power of Cloud computing to transform your business by improving service levels, reliability, return on IT investment and security. Cloud Lab, IT Lab’s dedicated cloud consultancy, has over 10 year’s experience of helping organisation’s unlock the promise of the cloud.


We have deep and direct knowledge of all major virtualisation platforms for private or shared cloud, all major software as a service offerings, and – now of increasing relevance – the main platform as a service providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Service Elements Cloud Audit & Strategy

In cloud more than ever before, in depth planning will pay dividends. A Cloud Audit and subsequent Strategic Plan will enable your company to embrace the revolution in confidence.

Cloud Migration

We can help move your existing infrastructure to the cloud as well as move specific legacy applications to cloud native alternatives.

Cloud Native Support

24/7 support means our customers always have access through our 24/7 Service Desk and Network Operations Centre (NOC) as and when required. CloudLab provides monitoring solutions through Zabbix and ScienceLogic. These systems check every component of our Hosting Service and can be tailored to meet your business’ requirements – from specific applications or services to your own customised status dashboard.

Cloud Audit & Strategy


We generally suggest one of two approaches to cloud migration – evolution and revolution.


One of the major opportunities in moving to the cloud is the ability to work with a broader base of vendors providing highly specialised solutions. Cloud vendors tend to support deep integration with each other so weaving an optimal solution from a wide number of providers, albeit probably based around a Microsoft or Google, can be a very attractive approach. And this granular, evolutionary approach also enables a measured and modular migration with minimal risk and only as equipment completely depreciates.




For companies due to experience rapid growth or on the cusp of a major refresh often revolution is the way to go. Here again, planning is crucial. The rate of growth, the coming business challenges, the compliance environment, and the technology landscape in your marketplace will all heavily impact the choice of cloud vendors.


So whether you’re planning a least risk, least cost cloud evolution or a big bang cloud revolution – or whether you are deciding between the two – a Cloud Lab Cloud Audit & Strategy will pay dividends.

Cloud Migration

Choosing the right vendor, getting the right deal, and then moving core services to the cloud is a highly invasive procedure that will require numerous changes often including client workstation modifications, network perimeter changes, security policy changes and a great deal of forethought.

Even with the high speed datapipes that even smaller companies can afford today, moving huge lumps of data around the internet can be painful and needs to be done in a mindful secure and properly planned manner. And even smaller moves can involve huge complexity.

Our industry partnerships, deep domain knowledge and unrivalled experienced help our clients to get the right deal and then deliver their change project with maximum efficiency and minimum risk.

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Cloud Native Support

Our round the clock helpdesk will monitor your suppliers and infrastructure relentless and always be there for your users. We have a number of monitoring tools including Zabbix, Splunk and Kaseya which enable high resolution agent based monitoring of all your services which means we will know the moment there is a problem – probably before you do. In this new world of cloud we understand that what were once technical issues on client owned equipment have become customer service issues with 3rd party service providers who will all be protecting their own SLAs. We have good relationships with the main vendors, completely own every single problem to resolution, and ensure that your entire cloud and real world infrastructure will keep running at peak performance.

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"The cloud will inevitably become the home for a good proportion of your IT services. It is radically different to traditional IT and demands radically new approaches." John Dryden, Technical Design Authority, IT Lab
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