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    "IT Lab recognised the needs of our growing business and acted as a full support service throughout the entire rollout and integration."Daniel Turner, Managing Director
    William Turner

Cloud Applications



Unchain your business from the constraints of traditional software with our suite of productivity boosting, cost reducing cloud applications. Get the latest enterprise grade SaaS solutions for a fixed monthly subscription, and no additional investment on hardware or maintenance.


Far more than a SaaS reseller, we are a trusted partner of the world’s leading cloud application providers. We can tailor solutions to your exact needs, providing consultancy, deployment assistance, 24/7 technical support and training.



Atlanta Connect

A simple and secure enterprise solution for hosting, sending, sharing and backing up your company data.

Unified Email Management

Kiss goodbye to the issues and constraints associated with traditional email with Mimecast’s world class cloud solution.

Cloud Backup

Optimise, economise and modernise your backup infrastructure with our automated remote backup solutions.

Office 365 & SharePoint

Office 365 brings you tried and tested Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered as a cloud based subscription service. SharePoint is a collaboration tool which provides a unified platform for setting up websites, managing documents and publishing reports.

Collaboration & Productivity

More simple and powerful communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of any size.

Atlanta Connect


Think simplicity. Atlanta Connect is an enterprise level, cloud based file syncing and hosting solution that makes data accessibility and collaborating easy. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to company data, syncing across all your desktop and mobile devices and effortless file sharing with colleagues or clients at the click of a mouse. No more need for costly or complex solutions and no limits on storage or file size. Automatic, real time syncing ensures seamless backups, with instant recovery in the event of a disaster. Hosted on our dedicated private cloud platform, your date is always available and secured using the latest enterprise standard encryption technology and features.

Universal Accessibility

Increase productivity and support flexible working with easy access to data from any enabled device. Customised company branded applications agents are available for web and mobile devices including Android and IOS. PC and OSX compatible.

Collaboration Made Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of emailing large files. Send and share files internally or with clients with effortless simplicity and with no limits on file size or format.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Automatic syncing enables effortless real time backup of your data with simple data recovery in the event of a disaster. Deleted file retention provides added piece of mind.

Comprehensive Control

Simply manage file sharing for internal and external users and control other features with granular user-access, admin and security controls. Comprehensive usage reports are also available.

Enterprise Standard Security

Enterprise data is secured using 448 Blowfish encryption with remote wipe in the event of theft or loss or a device.


Unified Email Management Overview

A market leading email management system that integrates security, business continuity, archiving, ediscovery and administration functions into one streamlined cloud based solution. Easy to deploy and manage, with seamless integration into MS Outlook and fully integrated anti-spam, security and disaster recovery capabilities, Mimecast Unified Email Management replaces the need for traditional email software and potentially problematic physical infrastructure.


Mimecast’s Unified Email Management scales dynamically to accommodate new users and larger volumes of email, and can be adapted to meet evolving regulatory requirements for archiving and ediscovery.


IT Lab was voted Mimecast Customer Excellence Partner for 2015 and was Mimecast’s Technical Partner of the Year” for 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 in recognition of our exceptional work promoting and supporting Unified Email Management.


Mimecast’s remotely hosted Secure Email Gateway filters all incoming and outgoing email traffic, with guaranteed protection against 100% of viruses and 98% of spam. It also provides protection against phishing and denial of service attacks. All email is encrypted prior to transmission, with email integrity and privacy further enhanced by role based access controls and discrete privilege levels. Content detection definitions can be configured to identify and block outgoing email containing sensitive data such as bank account or credit card details.

Business Continuity

Built in mirroring and redundancy provide 100% availability for email and calendar services, with access automatically and seamlessly switched via an MS Outlook add-on, secure webmail or mobile devices in the event of Mail Server failure. With the disruption over, email is automatically synchronised across all platforms.

Archiving & Search

All email is automatically encrypted and archived in real time. Users and admins can access archives via Outlook, webmail or mobile devices with real-time search of every email ever sent. Tamper proof and secure, archives provide a robust chain of custody for ediscovery and compliance checks.

System & Policy Management

The Admin Console allows monitoring and management of all aspects of the system, providing extensive, granular policy controls across all services. Security policies include email encryption, content and attachment control, Data Leak Prevention and large attachment handling (strip & link).


Archiving controls include granular retention policies, federated archive search tools, ediscovery case management and litigation holds, as well as extensive mailbox and storage management tools like folder structure replication and stubbing.


The Admin Console also provides transparency over email flows, with track and trace tools for rapidly solving delivery problems and proving delivery or receipt if required. Auditing and logging is in-built, with access controlled by a role based privilege system.

Support & Training

As ”Mimecast Technical Partner of the Year,” our experienced helpdesk staff can provide full support during deployment and everyday use. Seamless integration with Outlook minimises the need for user training, but orientation and training courses can be provided for admins.

Cloud Backup

Our enterprise grade cloud backup solutions automatically backup and store vital data from servers, desktops, laptops, applications and raw files residing on a LAN or mobile devices. Flexible, automated and secure, our market leading cloud backup solutions provide a convenient, fool-proof backup system, giving you greater security and ensuring your data can be quickly and easily restored in the event of a disaster. Sophisticated retention rules give complete admin control of the backup process and data storage, with advanced continuous monitoring of target files. All backup solutions provide an exceptional level of security with data encryption up to AES 256-bit with a 32-character key.

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"Cloud backup used to be the luxury of large companies, but not any more. Sleep better knowing that your data is in a secure, highly available environment ready to be restored if the worst happens." John Dryden,

Office 365


Office 365 brings you tried and tested Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered as a subscription service. Work easily from anywhere with cloud based email, word processing, web conferencing and calendars. Office 365 includes enterprise level security which is backed by Microsoft. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers scaleable solutions designed to fit your unique requirements and save you money.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide consultancy and help with setting up and integrating Office 365. We also give training and 24/7 support for users and admins.



SharePoint 2010 allows your employees to share ideas, create custom solutions for specific needs and access the right business information to make better decisions. It also helps cut costs, reducing training expenses by combining intranet and internet sites onto one easily accessible and unified cloud based platform.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide consultancy and help with setting up and integrating SharePoint. We also give training and 24/7 support for users and admins.

Collaboration & Productivity

Google Apps

Google Apps provides powerful communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of any size. All the applications are hosted securely online by Google with a straight forward setup process, minimum maintenance and low costs. Google Apps can help you communicate via email, video or messaging, schedule, organise and keep track of events, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and backup and store your data securely. As a ‘Google Apps Authorized Reseller’ we can help you integrate the services into your business, improving efficiency and productivity. We also provide support and training.


NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides a proven financial management and ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with sales and service processes. NetSuite ERP goes beyond traditional accounting software, to streamline back-office processes and equip businesses with the visibility and control they need to make fast, informed decisions.

Netsuite ERP includes financial management, inventory, order management, shipping, revenue recognition, financial planning, recurring revenue management and analytics and reporting functions.

As a NetSuite Partner, we provide consultancy and practical help with setting up and integrating NetSuite ERP. We also provide training and 24/7 support for users and admins.


Dynamics CRM

A powerful and versatile CRM software solution delivered as a cloud service, providing instant universal access, predictable pay-as-you-go pricing and a financially backed service level agreement. Integrated marketing support, sales force automation and mobility features with full customisation and support for third-party plug-ins and apps.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide hosting, consultancy, management and expert help with setting up and integrating Dynamics CRM into your present system. We also provide training and 24/7 support for users and admins.

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