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Ensuring consistent quality is relentlessly applied to all our processes.

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Synchronising teams of engineers across time zones and specialities requires a meticulous adherence to process. We use our own implementation of a suite of best practice approaches, including ITIL, Prince 2 and CISSP, to ensure the highest standards of service are consistently delivered.

Service Obsession

Everything we do is backed by Service Obsession, our commitment to providing the very highest levels of service.


 8 out of 10 of our clients actively recommend us.


Service Obsession isn’t just an empty slogan, it’s a concept that is integrated into every one of our processes and daily tasks. To ensure this is happening we continually and obsessively track our performance, rigorously checking service delivery against SLAs and service benchmarks. We also use Gallup’s Net Promoter® tool to scientifically gauge our success.

For us Service Obsession is a mantra and a call to arms. For our clients it is a guarantee that they will receive the best service possible.

Making sure that our clients are receiving the best possible service is made easy by the wonderful team at IT Lab .

Jennifer Smith, Client Advocate.

Measuring Our Success

We use Gallup’s Net Promoter®  to scientifically track our performance. When a support case is closed the client is automatically asked to rate their experience by responding to three simple questions about the handling of the case on a numerical scale from 1 to 10. Net Promoter® scores are constantly reviewed by our IT managers and are presented to stake holders as part of their quarterly review. The Net Promoter® Score is a harsh scale that calculates by subtracting the number of detractors (0-6) from the number of promoters (9-10), the passives (7-8) are excluded.

The Net Promoter Calculation.

Net Promoter® is the standard customer service benchmark worldwide allowing us to plot our success against global brand leaders.  Find out more about Net Promoter®.


For Q3 2013 we had a Net Promoter® score of 76%, ranking us alongside leading firms such as Apple, Amazon and Virgin Atlantic.

Ticket Management

Best practice management procedures and cast iron Service Level Agreements allow us to prioritise support cases and provide an appropriate level of response within a guaranteed time frame. All support cases are rated as Critical, Standard or Enhanced, with trend analysis and benchmarking undertaken against each case’s SLA to identify any areas for improvement.


In Q4 2013 we achieved an Overall SLA success rate of 91% and a Critical SLA (10min response) success rate of 99%

We resolved 50% of cases within 4 hours of receipt and 65% of cases within 24 hours.


ITIL® is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally. The ITIL framework informs our escalation process and ensures our engineers follow consistent methodologies for troubleshooting, change control and documentation.

Combining industry standard processes and systems with our own Service Obsession ensures we have the framework to deliver consistent service excellence.

Rachel Kerr, Client Services.


Innovation Off The Shelf

A pragmatic, client centred approach that makes sure we deliver the very best cloud and real world technology available.

Rather than always trying to reinvent the wheel, we are continually scouring the market for the best products and solutions. Sure, we have a highly talented team of developers and integrators, along with a whole department devoted to product delivery, but whenever appropriate we utilise third party solutions, thoroughly tested by our own expert engineers, from the best in the business. Called “Innovation off the Shelf”, this approach gives our clients access to the best appropriate technology on the market, while allowing us to concentrate on delivering excellent service.

We are partnered with some of the world’s leading technology firms.


There's more to IT Lab! We're more than just another IT support company. We're an award winning employer with the best people in the business - motivated, skilled and ready to deliver the very best service.
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