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    "There is a fantastic family feeling here across customers, staff and suppliers; I love it."Diana Petrova, Office Manager.

In a Nutshell

We are your award winning IT support and strategic services partner

Visit our Support Services section to learn more about how we can serve and protect your business.

We are an award winning IT support and strategic services company with over 16 years experience of delivering the highest standards of service to organisations across all sectors. We are ranked within the top 5 European and top 50 global managed services suppliers.


Every day over 24,000 people in 750+ companies depend on our support and expertise.


We provide flexible, on-demand access to the latest cutting-edge, enterprise level technology and expert technical support. Support is delivered via our true, live 24/7 helpdesk. No call back service – we provide live pick up from our skilled engineers, at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

We employ over 300 people over the entire IT Lab estate, across our Cape Town office, Woking office permanent on-site staff, roaming engineers and our bustling London and Manchester offices.

Rosa Howard, Chief Happiness Officer.

Our services also include private and public cloud solutions, security & disaster management consultancy and an OFCOM-registered telecommunications facility, all available standalone or as part of an integrated solution.


For the year-to-date our engineers have logged over 29,056 hours resolving over 57,000 support cases and delivered over 51,000 hours of project services.


We have an in-depth understanding of the business issues and IT concerns affecting our clients and we pride ourselves on ensuring our advice takes account of your wider business goals. Being smart and service obsessed are the core values that unite our award-winning 300+ strong team.

Our key services:

  • Working with or as your IT department to CTO level
  • Time-critical, True 24/7 support
  • Working “In the Cloud and On the Ground”
  • Proactive system monitoring & management services
  • Disaster management & business continuity planning
  • Network security audits & solutions
  • Regulatory compliance consultancy
  • Project consultancy & management
  • Telecommunications & VOIP solutions


Did you know that… 73% of our engineers take milk in their tea!

There's more to IT Lab! We're more than just another IT support company. We're an award winning employer with the best people in the business - motivated, skilled and ready to deliver the very best service.
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